End of 2019 Update

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I wanted to share a few updates and changes before we get into the thick of it.

First and foremost, although The Dark Clad doesn’t have an official release date yet, I’m expecting to release it in quarter one of 2020. Here is a list of things I’d like to accomplish by then as well as where I stand with them:

  • Final draft editing – 80%
  • Final rewrite – PENDING
  • Book cover – 100% COMPLETE
  • Region map – 25%
  • Social Media Pages (Facebook, etc.) – PENDING
  • Interior layout design – PENDING

My next move is to create a page with a timeline, although that will come after I’ve completed editing. I don’t want anything to slow down the process of actually writing, which is the bane of many self-publishing authors. Once that’s complete, the social media campaign and final rewrite will go hand-in-hand, as I’ll have a firmer idea of when it will release.